Shin Min Ah Brings Back the Huge Dimples That Fans Have Missed so Dearly

Shin Min Ah brought back her signature dimples in some mirror selfies.

Shin Min Ah recently shared mirror selfies of herself and she couldn’t have looked more beautiful, especially with the gorgeous dimples she has always been known for.

In the photos, Shin Min Ah can be seen in a clothing shop with a winter coat and a leopard-print scarf on.

While posing in her stunning outfit, she also showed off her smile highlighting her very big dimples.

Shin Min Ah has always shown off her huge dimples when she smiled in past dramas and TV appearances.

So by flaunting them once more in a recent update, Shin Min Ah proved to fans that she’s still here and hasn’t changed one bit.

Fans are responding to the photos with comments such as “Her dimples are so gorgeous“, “Why don’t you age, Unnie?“, and “Shin Min Ah is so pretty“.

Source: Dispatch