Netizens Are Freaking Out Over This YouTuber Who Looks Just Like Shin Se Kyung

It’s almost like they’re the same person…

One YouTube channel has only been up for a couple of weeks, but it’s already gained some major attention online all because of the amazing visuals of the host.


Netizens have been going crazy for the host of sjkuksee ever since they first watched her videos. They’ve even started calling her the next BotNoJaem because she’s so stunning!


And what’s caught netizens attention the most is how similar she looks to actress Shin Se Kyung!


But there’s actually a very good reason that she looks just like her…


Because it really is Shin Se Kyung!


The actress is now an official YouTuber and has posted a few videos showcasing parts of her everyday life.


You’ll get to see lots of shots of her adorable puppies…


And of course some delicious looking food shots!


Although Shin Se Kyung only has a couple of videos uploaded so far, fans can’t wait to see what else she’s going to post in the future!