Shin Yeeun Is Gaining Attention For How Gorgeous She Looked For Her JYP Entertainment Audition

She’s gorgeous!

Shin Yeeun, who is best known for her role as Kim Doha in the web drama A-TEEN, is gaining attention for how gorgeous she looked at her JYP Entertainment audition.

The actress is currently signed under the company. When netizens found her audition tape, they could see why they chose to let her into the company. Her beauty is undeniable, and many people agree she could have easily been an idol with her looks.

The actress currently rocks the short hair, but now that people know how she looks like with long hair, many hope JYP lets her grow out her hair.

She’s freaking pretty. I hope they give her long hair again.

– Korean Netizen

People are fawning over her looks, with some even joking that people really need to be this pretty to be cast. She’s definitely a visual goddess!

Source: Pann