Shindong Reveals The Truth About The Marriage Rumours and Super Junior’s Comeback

Super Junior’s Shindong caught up with a number of issues he has been faced with on radio programs since his recent discharge from the military.

Shindong guested on DJ Park So Hyun’s radio program where he confessed a few truths about his marriage rumors, Red Velvet’s popularity, and Super Junior’s possible return.

With regards to the misunderstanding about his marriage rumors, Shindong clarified what he had previously said on a television program about marrying his girlfriend. Here was what he disclosed:

 “A lot of people think it’s like that. There seemed to be a lot of interest in it. If they remember me like that, then it’s not too bad but I would be glad if they knew the truth. At this point, I should be getting married.”
– Super Junior’s Shindong

He went on to talk about his upcoming broadcasting activities and the popularity of some girl groups in the military. In particular, Shindong mentioned how popular fellow SM Entertainment artist Red Velvet is for those in the military. He then followed the confession with a funny parody of their “Rookie” choreography.

A hint about Super Junior’s comeback was also given during the show. He talked about the group’s upcoming plans which, incidentally, proved Leeteuk’s hints on their possible return to be true.

 “I met up with the members who were on break. We ended up talking about our new album. We also met up with our managers and talked about how we want to move forward with it. Eunhyuk was on break and Donghae got permission to take a short leave, so we all gathered up.”

– Super Junior’s Shindong

The appearance caught a lot of attention for his candid confessions. These confessions have become a big part of Shindong’s appearances since his return from the military.

Source: XSportsNews