Flight Attendants Reveal What Made Them “Want To Buy A Plane” For SHINee

It was for a simple reason.

In a recent episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” series, two former flight attendants shared a heartwarming story about SHINee!

SHINee’s Taemin

Kim Soo Dal and Kim Ha Gyeong are currently YouTubers, but they both used to work as flight attendants. In the episode of AYO‘s “Comment Defenders” series, they revealed many things, such as the extreme measures sasaeng fans take to get close to idols in airports and if idols ask out flight attendants. They were also asked about flight attendants giving small gifts to celebrities, such as when actor Park Bo Gum received some chocolates from flight attendants.

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Kim Soo Dal then shared that SHINee once came to check-in, and she called one of the members.

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This member replied by saying, “Yeah, noona, that’s me!

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When Kim Soo Dal heard this, she “wanted to buy” this member a plane, and Kim Ha Gyeong agreed with her!

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Both were touched by these simple words from this SHINee member. The two also shared that if someone treats them kindly and humanly, they will like them more and try to do something for them.

If they’re kind to us and treat us humanly, of course, we like them better and want to do anything we can for them.

— Kim Soo Dal

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This doesn’t only apply to celebrities, but regular passengers as well!

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Here’s the full video below!