SHINee’s Key Reveals Why He Moved Out Of The Dorms

They’re like an old married couple.

SHINee‘s Key lives in a luxurious house with multiple storeys. As much as he has worked hard to deserve it, Key now stays by himself in comfort. He shared the reason why he decided to move out of the SHINee dorms.

He shared that sometimes, when you live with people for too long, you begin to develop irritation from daily life together. As SHINee has been around for 12 years, it is inevitable that they see all sides of each other. Key likened it to long-married couples, where you may find yourself being annoyed at the way your partner eats!

MC Jun Hyun Moo agreed when he said that sometimes couples even hate when the other person is breathing.

Key shared that the turning point came when he was watching the television one day and Minho came out of the room.

Key was so annoyed that he wanted to run over and hit Minho!

Key then realized that he ought to move out quick in order to prevent a rift from forming. The members are all as close as family, and family can often be taken for granted. Key felt that if this continued, they might seriously hurt each other emotionally and hence made his choice.

Although he may appear as a funny and savage person, Key is rather sensitive and thoughtful! Catch the full episode of Happy Together below.