SHINee And IU Take It Way Back As They Reminisce About Their Debut Days

We love to see interactions like this!

SHINee recently made a guest appearance on IU’s Palette to celebrate the comeback of their seventh studio album, Don’t Call Me.

| @SHINee/Twitter

During the episode, both SHINee and IU took a trip down memory lane as they reminisced about their debut.

SHINee, who debuted in May 2008, was only four months earlier than IU, who debuted in September 2008.

IU remembers just how popular SHINee was at that time. “All the other singers would come out to watch SHINee during dry rehearsals.”

| IU Official/YouTube

After hearing this, the members themselves couldn’t recall this happening!

Being a group that received a lot of attention since debut, it was only natural for other idols to want to watch them practice on stage. It was a period where having a rookie group who could do both live vocals and dancing was very rare.

| IU Official/YouTube

But on the flip side, SHINee also remembered IU during her debut days and remembered her as being someone who could sing very well.

| IU Official/YouTube

At that time we also saw you sing during rehearsals and always talked about the new artist that was talented in singing.

— Taemin

Taemin also told IU, who was surprised that they knew about her during debut, that they even sang her songs from back then!

| IU Official/YouTube

Key added that because they saw her for music broadcasts every week, they knew when she changed up her music style.

| IU Official/YouTube

She suddenly started dancing after changing her music style. A doll also came out on stage too.

— Key

The stage that they were referring to was IU’s “Marshmallow!”

| Music Core/MBC

Netizens who watched the episode were happy to see such a great interaction with both artists.

  • “I love these interactions! Please continue to release great songs for us!”
  • “SHINee and IU let’s all be happy!”
  • “SM’s best artists are truly SHINee!”
  • “They are all so cute!”

Watch the full episode below!

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