SHINee’s Minho Got “Schooled” By Key For Accidentally Interrupting IZ*ONE’s Minju

Minju just laughed!

SHINee‘s Key and Minho are always teasing each other during broadcasts, and Key “schooled” Minho in a recent Music Core episode!

SHINee’s Key
SHINee’s Minho

During SHINee’s interview, IZ*ONE‘s Minju was talking about how this is SHINee’s first comeback in over 2 years, and she was about to ask them about their choreography.

This is the first time they’re promoting together in 2 years 6 months, but SHINee members still boast perfect teamwork. This-

— Minju

But Minho thought that Minju was finished speaking and accidentally cut her off.

This choreography… The choreography-

— Minho

Key decided to jokingly “scold” Minho for accidentally cutting off Minju. After this, the SHINee members bowed and apologized to Minju, and Minju bowed back.

Key: Why did you cut her off, man. She was talking! Please, continue. We’re sorry.

Minju: Sorry (Laughs). Thank you. Please show us the choreography that proves SHINee’s teamwork.

—  Conversation between SHINee and Minju

After this playful moment, the interview continued.

Ooooh, the choreography. Prove our teamwork with the choreography. Okay! We practiced really hard for this comeback.

— Key

Here’s the full clip below!


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