Here’s How Fans Are Remembering Jonghyun On The Anniversary Of His Death

Fans are sharing memories and more, to remember him.

On December 18, 2017, the world tragically lost one of its brightest stars, Kim Jonghyun. The talented SHINee singer took his life at the age of 27 after succumbing to an ongoing battle with depression.


Now on the first anniversary of his death, fans around the world are honoring Jonghyun’s life by remembering all the reasons why they loved, and will always love, him.


Many fans are sharing happy memories and moments, as a reminder of the joy Jonghyun brought to the world with his cheerful personality.


One fan recalled the time when Jonghyun accidentally sabotaged his own wardrobe.


He had meant to grab a shirt to wear to the airport, but had accidentally grabbed a towel instead.


Some people may have panicked in that situation, but Jonghyun happily joked about it with fans.


To Shawols, Jonghyun will always be remembered as “the life of the party”, who could brighten their darkest of days with a single smile.


Shawols are also remembering Jonghyun’s incredible music, how it touched their lives…


…and inspired them in  unforgettable ways.


Fans have also paid tribute to his life and his art by creating art of their own. Many have shared beautiful illustrations…


…song covers…


…memorials, and more.


Each fan has found a different way to share their love, grief, and gratitude, and express the same, meaningful message. They want Jonghyun to know that he worked hard, and he did well.