SHINee Jonghyun Goes Shirtless For His Recent Stage Performance

Things got quite heated during Jonghyun‘s Inspiration concert this past weekend at Hwa-Jeong Tiger Dome.

SHINee fans had the pleasure of seeing Jonghyun show off his shredded physique as he performed songs off of his albums, Base and She Is. 

Things started off with a bang as Jonghyun emerged onto the stage while chained to a giant red X for this new song “Inspiration.”

As if that wasn’t enough to get fans’ heart rates going, he essentially body-rolled his way through his song “Moon” while baring his killer abs.

Treat your eyes to the full fancam here!

Things got really sexy when he sang his rendition of EXO‘s “Playboy” while lifting a female dancer in a very suggestive manner.

During “Red,” Jonghyun did the move where he humps the floor, which drove fans crazy.

Things took a sensual turn when Jonghyun revealed the VCR for the song “Suit Up.” In the video, you can see Jonghyun being undressed by his lover as he sings about the romantic experience of a wedding night.

To finish things off, dancer Lee Won Hee uploaded a  group photo of Jonghyun and the male dance team showing off their chocolate abs.

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Jonghyun’s next concert will be on the 17th and 18th of December at KBS Busan Hall. Fans must be excited for the show after getting a glimpse of what they’ll be in for!