SHINee’s Key Admits That He Took Plants From The “Atlantis” Jacket Photoshoot And We Can’t Stop Laughing

He says they’re for his new home!

In a previous live broadcast, SHINee discussed their new repackaged album “Atlantis” and some behind the scenes stories from the filming and photoshoots.

| SHINee/YouTube

After some prompting from his members, Key revealed that he had a story to share. Turns out, he had taken some plants from the “Atlantis” jacket photoshoot set for his new home.

And in the newly released jacket photoshoot behind the scenes, fans can see that Key did indeed take some plants. He clearly wanted to take quite a few of them home, considering the numerous pots clustered off to the side.

It’s certainly odd to take plants out of all the items from the photoshoot set, but we can’t help but laugh at how “Key-esque” it is of him to do so.

But he seemed to be quite happy with his plant haul, and as long as he’s happy, so are we!

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