Here’s How SHINee’s Key Became A Leader Of “Genderless Fashion” In The World Of K-Pop

He has an amazing attitude about it too.

SHINee‘s Key – with his keen sense of aesthetics – has always been at the very front of the line, pioneering the world of different fashion, beauty, and trends in the K-Pop scene. In fact, he has been dubbed one of the young celebrity leaders pushing for the acceptance and growth of genderless fashion in K-Pop.


As the Korean society continues to work on breaking old boundaries and opening up to genderless concepts, Key’s past interview on a YouTube channel continues to inspire his fans. In this interview, which he referred to as the first time talking about it at all, Key discussed his actual insight on the idea of genderless-ness and his involvement in it as a K-Pop idol.


First, Key pointed out he wasn’t always “comfortable” with promoting genderless fashion. In fact, Key never considered “genderless fashion” as one of his stylistic preferences.


However, Key realized that genderless fashion not only made him stand out, but also fit him very well. Now, he completely embraces his title as the face of genderless fashion and beauty trends.


Key is dedicated to further developing this concept of genderless-ness in all the work that he does.

So in summary, I want to break the boundary of sex among the consumers in these types of fields.

— Key


He hopes that fans are able to see his endorsed products and feel like there isn’t one specific gender associated with them – but rather, for the value of the products themselves.

Usually, men endorse men’s cosmetic products and women do theirs. Or when a male celebrity endorses a female cosmetic brand, the angle is usually like men wanting to see women in that certain product. But I want both men and women to simply see me and then feel the need to buy that product.

— Key


Fans are in full agreement with Key’s final few words about his endeavors in the fashion and beauty fields. Key claimed he does what he can do best and tries his best at what he does. And that is the type of attitude that he tries to show…


… and that dedication shows in his work – which is how he has become so widely beloved for his music, his fashion, his beauty, and his everything else!


Watch the full interview here: