This Triple Threat Performed His First Solo Stage After 11 Years In The Industry

Key slayed Seoul Fashion Week with “Chemicals”.

On October 20, SHINee‘s multitalented Key performed his first solo stage after 11 years in the K-Pop industry.


Earlier this month, SM Entertainment announced that Key is in the final stages of preparing for his solo debut, and that his solo album will drop in November. Key will be the third SHINee member to go solo, the first being Taemin, followed by Jonghyun.


Since this will be Key’s first solo album since his debut with SHINee in 2008, Lockets couldn’t be more hyped for it!


Fans already know Key will nail his solo debut because he’s a triple threat. He can sing, dance, and rap with the best of them!

In fact, people are often confused about Key’s position in SHINee because he does a little bit of everything; he is a lead dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist too.


The world got a sneak peek at Key’s upcoming solo debut at Seoul Fashion Week: CHARM’S on October 20. There Key performed his solo track “Chemicals”, a catchy, dance song with powerful vocals and killer choreography.


Fans are couldn’t have loved Key’s first solo stage more…


…and they can’t wait to see what else their king has in store for them!


You can check out his incredible “Chemicals” live stage here.

Source: Xports News