SHINee’s Key Impresses Netizens Once Again With His Creativity

He has done it again 😍

SHINee‘s Key is back and making waves as he prepares to unveil his second solo EP, “Good & Great.” Fans have always known Key for his impeccable style, innovation, and the sheer creativity he brings to his projects, and this time is no different.

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As the anticipation builds for the EP’s release, Key’s ingenuity is stealing the show even before the first song drops.

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SM Entertainment officially announced the comeback of the veteran idol, stating that the EP will drop on September 11th. The mini album, boasting six tracks including its title song, “Good & Great,” follows his critically acclaimed “Gasoline” album and its reissue, “Killer.” Given how both releases topped iTunes charts in multiple regions, expectations are sky-high.

While SHINee, as a group, has recently concluded promotions for their eighth studio album, HARD — which also made significant chart impacts  — Key’s solo endeavors have always held a distinct charm.

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Fans and netizens alike have lauded the artist’s unique aesthetics and visually appealing concepts in the past, and the teasers for “Good & Great” hint that this won’t change anytime soon.

The first teaser video, shared on SHINee’s official Twitter, left fans spellbound. Detailed, intricate, and rich in storytelling, it encapsulates Key’s characteristic flair for blending music with art. The poster accompanying the teaser reveals an intriguing “office worker/intern” concept, something not frequently explored in the K-Pop industry, showcasing Key’s penchant for the unique.

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However, what’s been making headlines is the way SHINee’s promotion schedule for Key’s comeback has been presented. In a stroke of genius, the schedule has been uploaded in the form of a Notion page.

Notion, the trendy productivity and note-taking application, has become the go-to for many seeking to organize their lives, especially with the endorsement from numerous influencers on social media platforms. It’s this pop culture intersection that Key has tapped into, marking another instance of his forward-thinking approach.


Notion for life 🫡 #notion #studytok

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What’s more, this Notion page is not just a static timeline. Key himself has been actively leaving comments, giving fans a closer, more interactive look into his creative process and thoughts. This move to use a widely popular platform in such a unique way for a music comeback has made headlines, with netizens hailing Key as a genius.

In a world where every artist is vying for attention, it’s those who think outside the box who make the most impact. SHINee’s Key has consistently shown that he is not just a musical talent but also a visionary artist who knows how to best capture attention.

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As fans eagerly await the full release of “Good & Great,” they can be certain of one thing – with Key, it’s not just about the music; it’s an entire experience. And this comeback promises to be another unforgettable chapter in his illustrious career.