SHINee Key’s Reaction To Minho’s Housewarming Gift Is Priceless

Friendship goals!

SHINee’s Key recently posted a photo on Instagram of him bowing down to his vacuum cleaner and gained much attention online.

In the most recent episode of MBC‘s I Live Alone, Key appeared as a guest and shared his house to the public. In the episode, fans were able to see that the vacuum was a housewarming gift sent to Key from member Minho!

In the unreleased clips from the show, fans were able to see that Minho remembered that Key had wanted that specific vacuum and decided to gift it to him.

Fans also found that Minho and Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon left comments on his photo as well!

Choiminho_1209: I’ll keep it short…do well.
taeyeon_ss: lolololololol


| @bumkeyk/Twitter

Netizens that saw the show couldn’t help but smile at their sweet interactions.

  • “Key’s reaction to Taeyeon’s present was sweet too. His reaction to Minho’s is good as well.”
  • “Key is the king of reactions! It makes you want to buy a present for Key!”
  • “These two are so cute!”
  • “Key is so funny…he’s doing so well!”
Source: theqoo