Why SHINee’s Key May Start His Own Label, And Would Kick Ass At Being CEO

Key’s got all the best qualifications to be CEO.

SHINee‘s Key is a very hardworking individual. He may be a best known for his vocals but he has so much more talent to offer the world that it wouldn’t be hard to imagine him as a CEO of his own music label! While some haters may not believe he could ever be head honcho, there are plenty of reasons why Key would make a fantastic CEO!


Key is a very intelligent person. He has already graduated from university with a degree in Film and Music but he didn’t stop there. He is currently working towards a postgraduate degree in Culture and Education Content Development.


Key doesn’t just take education seriously, he also finds ways to help others. While pursuing his postgraduate degree he took part in a project on youth self-concept development.

For part of this project he traveled to different schools and gave special seminars to boost self-confidence and goals.


While some people may argue that he only worked on the project as part of his degree, they can’t argue with some of the other things he has done to help others. For instance, he messaged a fan to encourage her to stop cutting!

He’s also been known to get on fan group chats to speak directly with fans!


Fans aren’t the only ones that Key helps either! In 2012, Key and his fans donated 2.12 tons of rice to feed undernourished children and the elderly and, in 2015, he posted on Instagram to encourage others to help those from Nepal after a severe earthquake. That same year, he donated all of the revenue from his collaboration with designer Ko Tae Yong to the Animal Freedom Union.

Ko Tae Yong and Key in their collaboration pieces. All revenue from the sales of the sweatshirts was donated!

Additionally, in 2016, Key and Taemin and other SM Entertainment artists took part in the Make A Promise campaign organized by UNICEF.


But Key isn’t just a smart and sweet individual, he’s also known for finding people’s individual strengths. Some people may not know that Key has designed several of SHINee’s concert costumes. In the past, he has said he designs them based on each individual member, what they look best in, their unique fashion, and their personalities.


Besides designing costumes, Key is known for his own killer fashion choices; so much so, that he was appointed as a special fashion editor for Elle Korea in 2016!

This means Key already has some other business experience.


Key is also a very motivational person. He isn’t afraid to share his messages with the world and they, in turn, will make you feel great!


If Key was a CEO he would likely look for a diversity of talents since he himself sings, dances, raps, writes music, acts, does variety shows, represents brands, and designs costumes!


With so much talent, passion, and kindness, if Key ever decided to start his own label it would surely be a major success!