SHINee’s Key Picked The Member He Didn’t Get Along With The Most, But Also Showed How Much They’ve All Grown

They’re as close ever now!

After being together for over 13 years, there is no denying that the members of SHINee are as close as they come. They have been through a lot throughout the years but have stayed strong by relying on each other!

SHINee members | @shinee/ Instagram

Yet, when you are with people for so long, there will always be someone you don’t get along with as well, and it is the same with SHINee. Key recently appeared on Showterview with Jessi, where he sat down with host Jessi and, like all her other guests, just had some fun. 

As expected in this show, during the episode, Key was taken back by a sudden question from Jessi when she asked, “Which member of SHINee don’t you get along with the most?

After the initial shock had worn off, Key decided that the best way to look at the question was as if he wasn’t a member of SHINee, and they were all just normal people. In the end, Key finally picked his answer, and it was member Minho!

It won’t come as too much of a shock for many fans, as Key has mentioned several times that he is completely different from Minho in many ways.

Yet, what was funny is that Minho actually said the same answer when he appeared on Jessi’s show earlier in the year. Despite both being born in 1991, the two had a rough start when the group was first formed.

Yet, Key wasn’t going to just say his answer and leave Jessi and fans to wonder why. Unsurprisingly, it was down to the differences in both idol’s personalities, and even Jessi had to add that they don’t seem like a fit for each other.

Of course, after years together, Key added that, after so long, it was inevitable that the two became closer and pushed aside any differences as they matured.

But now we get along well with each other. We fought a lot a long time ago. But through the storms, we got to understand each other.

— Key

There is no denying that Key and Minho are as different as possible! Yet, these differences are what make fans love their interactions so much.

However, their answers showcase just how much both members have grown since debuting. Throughout the years, they have learned to rely on each other to get through the hard times, and it is one of the reasons fans love the group so much!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Mobidic