SHINee’s Key Dissed Minho’s Fashion, But Minho Made Him Sorely Regret It

Key did NOT expect that 😂

SHINee‘s Minho and Key recently guested on an episode of MBC‘s I Live Alone. The two met up for a night of drinking in Key’s apartment and were filmed hanging out the next day.

Minho (left) and Key (right) | @hourlyminkey1/Twitter

In the morning, they purchased a hangover meal from a restaurant and headed back to the apartment after picking it up. When they reached the door, Key berated Minho for his choice of footwear—because it had a higher platform than typical shoes.

You’re terrible. Why would you wear such high shoes when you’re already so tall?

— Key

Key said, “Why would you wear shoes like these? Even I wear low shoes like this,” pointing to his own pair of sneakers.

Without missing a beat, Minho turned it against him by grabbing the sneakers and revealing his inserts! “But you put a shoe insert this big.”

Key shouted “Get lost” as Minho argued that at least he doesn’t wear inserts.

Key resolved to not tell Minho off again. Instead of embarrassing Minho, it completely backfired.

I shouldn’t tell him anything. Only I got humiliated.

— Key

The fun didn’t end there! Minho didn’t hesitate to show Key the many interesting things he did while drunk. Check it out here:

SHINee’s Key Got Drunk And Forgot Everything He Did…But Minho Came Through With Receipts

Source: YouTube