SHINee’s Key And MMTG’s JaeJae Hilariously Show Off Their Incredible Chemistry— And Minho Can’t Handle It

It’s like they’re soulmates! 😂

SHINee recently guested on MMTG, and we can’t get enough of Key and host JaeJae‘s chemistry.

| 문명특급 – MMTG/YouTube

The two of them clicked from the get go, greeting each other like long lost friends.

Key was so excited to be on the show, saying he became obsessed with it and was “meant to appear in the show.” And he did more than just appear, actively engaging with JaeJae and even dancing enthusiastically to “View”.

They even did the same breathy singing when imitating Taemin‘s singing style in “View”! The rest of the members just had to acknowledge their chemistry at this point.

In fact their chemistry was so good that Minho couldn’t handle it anymore because it felt like there were two Keys in the room.

You can watch their hilarious interactions below!