SHINee’s Key Wants To Make A Netflix Series About Taemin “Bullying” Him And We Can’t Stop Laughing

We can’t get enough of this duo’s dramatic antics. 😂

In their recent live broadcast, SHINee‘s Key begged Shawols to save him from Taemin‘s “bullying”, and we can’t stop laughing at his dramatics.

According to Key, Taemin has yelled and “said bad words” to Key.

Taemin has also stolen Key’s items too. A lot of them.

And we can’t forget how Key had to fix fourteen of his teeth because of Taemin’s punching!

Key was so desperate to escape from Taemin that he sent a SOS to Shawols.

Lastly, Taemin left an ominous warning to shawols who were watching:

Source: Twitter and Instagram