SHINEE’s Key Once Parodied Taeyeon’s Song “Fine”—Here’s How She Reacted When She Found Out

Their friendship is adorable!

SHINee‘s Key and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon have an adorable friendship, one that they’ve shown off tons of times!

Taeyeon and Key | @bumkeyky/Instagram

From posting photos together to appearing on variety shows together (such as Amazing Saturday), the two are as close as ever!

| @bumkeyk/Instagram

And in a recent episode of Jaejae‘s MMTG, Taeyeon appeared as a guest, where she learned how Key once parodied her acting in the MV for her 2017 hit song, “Fine”!

In the MV for “Fine”, Taeyeon enacted a sad, scene where she calls and talks to an ex, and ends a sentence in a sigh.

Jaejae then mimicked this scene, and as Taeyeon cringed at the memory, she revealed that Key had also done the same in one of his Instagram live broadcasts!

That’s what Key re-enacted!


Taeyeon then exasperatedly said that Key makes fun of her all the time!

He makes fun of me like that!


We love their hilariously adorable friendship!

| @bumkeyk/Instagram

Taeyeon made her comeback with the song “Weekend”.

Watch the whole thing here!