SHINee’s Key Revealed The Exact Moment He Knew He Was Famous And It Is So Key

Shawols will be quoting him for years:

With vocals and dance moves that anyone would be jealous of, years of experience on stage, a successful solo and group career, and a huge fanbase around the world, SHINee‘s Key is definitely a very successful person and he totally knows it too! Which is why when he revealed the exact moment he knew he was famous during a recent interview, fans have been loving how Key he really was.


Buzzfeed recently uploaded a video with Key where he shared all of his first times. While he shared things like his first memorable K-Pop song…


And his first performance on stage…


The one that really grabbed everyone’s attention was when he explained the moment he realized he was first famous. At first, the answer starts off pretty innocently with Key saying it was the first time he wore a mask out in public.


Then he reveals the exact date…


And it just so happened to be the day after his debut with SHINee!


With his added, “I knew I was famous,” fans have been loling over his answer knowing that it was 100% pure Key!


Check out the iconic moment and all of his other amazing answers in the video below: