SHINee’s Key Revealed One EXO Song Made SM Entertainment So Much Money, They Bought A New Building With It

If this was a mid-sized company, they would be on the Board of Directors.

Key revealed on an episode of Happy Together 4 the “building shares” of different artists at SM Entertainment.

He shared that the song that built the new SM Communications Center was “Growl” by EXO.

If this was a mid-sized company, EXO would already be directors.

— Key

BoA shot back, saying that she was the one that built the “52-1” building aka the Communication Centre.

Considering SM Entertainment recently unveiled their new Celebrity Centre as well, it’s probably fair to say that EXO and BoA had a hand in providing the $$$ for both buildings.

When asked what “Ring Ding Dong” built for SM Entertainment, Key said they must have built at least 4 of the elevators in the building.

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