SHINee’s Key Reveals Why He’s Hasn’t Met Labelmates aespa Yet

“Not even one member from aespa.”

Many would assume that labelmates would know each other well and see each other many times; however, SHINee‘s Key recently revealed he has never met his labelmate aespa before!

| @bumkeyk/Instagram

During one recent Instagram live, Key informed his fans he had something he wanted to share and that it’s pretty shocking news. Key then revealed, “I have never met aespa. Not even once.”

To relay the message to his English-speaking viewers, Key repeated in English and added that he hasn’t even met one of the four members yet.

I’ve never met aespa before. Still. Not even one member from aespa. Not even once. I’ve never met them.

— Key

Key was in disbelief himself as he hilariously laughed at the news he was telling his viewers. Not only has he never seen face to face, Key shared he’s never even seen them from afar!

Really, I never even seen them from afar. I’ve never even seen them, not even once.

— Key

Many found this to be shocking as the two are both a part of SM Entertainment, however, Key explained it could perhaps be due to how large their building is.

Aespa is a rookie group but they already released two songs. But I never met them… I think it’s because the company building is too large and we use separate practice studios.

— Key

Fans were in disbelief and hope Key can meet his juniors soon! Although he has never met them before, Key has made it clear that he is a huge fan of them and their music! One time Key showed love for aespa was during a recent episode of his variety show Amazing Saturday where he danced to the group’s latest hit “Next Level.”

Check out the clip below:

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