SHINee’s Key Reveals His Soju Drink Recipe That “Tastes Like Heaven”

We’re curious as to how this tastes!

Recently on MBC’s I Live Alone, SHINee’s Key met up with his military comrades and revealed his own soju drink recipe that he created. As he was cooking for his friends, he took out a teapot and black tea.

Also known as the ‘Kibum Drink’, he introduces it as his “favorite drink that I invented.” He revealed that one time there wasn’t anything to drink with alcohol, so he just mixed soju with black tea and received an unexpected response from everyone there.

The recipe itself is quite simple! All you need is 550 ml of black tea and one bottle of soju with a little bit of ice. In regards to the taste, Key stated, “It tastes like heaven.”

Panel member Park Narae asked, “Does it only taste good with black tea or do other tea bags work?” To this Key replied, “Earl grey isn’t bad either.”

Would you try out this drink?

Source: insight