SHINee’s Key Reveals The Ending Fairy He Never Got The Chance To Do

“I wanted to perform…”

SHINee recently participated in a very fun interview with Allure Korea! Since the members are all so unique and charming, the questions they were given were very intriguing!

One interesting question Key received asked about his iconic ending fairy! For those unaware of Key’s legendary ending fairy, Key hilariously exaggerated the traditional ending fairy scene where idols breath heavily and stare intensely into the camera.

In his interview, Key revealed that the ending fairies were quite stressful for him. Despite the pressure of creating more incredible ending fairy poses, Key admitted he actually had another ending fairy in mind.

Q: You put your heart into the ending on the stage. Are there any other ending performances you prepared but haven’t had a chance to show?

No, not at all. Do you know how afraid I was?! I was very anxious that the camera would capture me at the end. I lacked ideas of the ending performances.

— Key

Key continued and shared that ending fairies actually made him happy that their promotions for the album were over.

When I think of the ending fairy, I’m relieved that our album activity has finished quickly. If we were to drag this album activity till next week, my brain would have burst thinking about what I should do for the ending performance.

— Key

Despite his initial claim that he didn’t have a new ending fairy planned, Key suddenly recalled one he never got to preform.

Oh actually, there is one! I wanted to perform fixing my makeup using a cotton swab and oil paper, but I haven’t done that! To be honest, I didn’t want to do that for the ending of ‘Don’t Call Me.’ I wanted to try that for the ending of a duet song.

— Key

Key then acted out the pose so that the viewers could have a visual image of what the ending fairy would look like.

I want to try it like this with the cotton swab.

— Key

Check out the video below: