Fans Are Shocked At SHINee Key’s Visuals As He Seems To Be Going Backwards In Time

He hasn’t aged a day!

Group SHINee, who recently made a comeback with their seventh full-length album, Don’t Call Me, has been feeding Shawols with tons of new and fun content.

Aside from the new tracks on the album, they have also dropped live performances, variety programs, and even their own show to bring themselves closer to their fans that have waited patiently for their return.

With these new promotions, fans couldn’t help but be drawn to member Key’s visuals!

And yes, he has been an idol for 14 years and is 31 years old (international age).

During their recent comeback stage for their show on tvN, they performed one of their b-sides “Heart Attack” and gave off visuals that made him look like he hasn’t aged a day in his life! His hair down with the green shorts is just everything.

Netizens were shook at his visuals and felt like they were the only ones aging!

  • “He is still so fluffy and cute.”
  • “How is he aging? Key really does not age at all.”
  • “Why does he just get more handsome? If he worked out a bit more he would be top visual.”
  • “I guess I’m the only one aging here. How is his complexion so good.”

Source: theqoo