SHINee’s Key Wrote The Most Adorable Letter To His Family While Studying In Australia As A Child

This is so precious 😭

SHINee‘s Key was an adorable, sweet kid, and the letter he just posted to his Instagram proves it!

SHINee’s Key | @bumkeyk/Instagram

Key just took Shawols on a trip down memory lane by sharing photos from his childhood on his personal Instagram. Look how cute he was in his baseball cap!

Even when he was little, he had the wink and peace sign pose down pat.

Clearly, Key was born to be iconic!

While Key’s childhood photos were cute, the real highlight of his latest Instagram post was a letter he sent to his family while he was studying abroad in Australia. Key once revealed that he studied in Australia for approximately half a year, and the letter was sent near the beginning of his time abroad.

Dear family,
Hello my family I have been in Australia 10 days. Last Saturday we went to Sydney downtown. I bought some gifts in downtown. Sydney is really a beautiful city. We went to Gledswood Farm and saw sheep shearing and whip cracking and a sheep dog demonstration. I milked a cow. This was fun. We ate Australian bread called damper. I like my host family. They are kind to me. See you in Korea.

— Key

Although he had only been gone a few days, Key was excited to tell his family all about his adventures in Australia. From what he wrote, it sounds like he was having a great time exploring Sydney and getting to know his host family!