SHINee Key’s Jacket Catches On Fire During Concert In Vancouver

SHINee Key‘s Gucci jacket was ruined during their concert in Vancouver, Canada, and while no-one was injured, Key was filled with grief.

During SHINee’s 2017 World V tour in Dallas, Texas, Key decided to share the story of how his stylist accidentally burned his very expensive, luxury Gucci jacket on a stage lighting device.

According to Key, the members of SHINee change clothes backstage at the end of every section in their concerts. During their tour in Vancouver, Key did what he normally did backstage: he took off his clothes and handed them to his stylist to take care of them. However, she accidentally placed them on a stage lighting device, which can reach extremely hot temperatures that can burn in a matter of minutes.

As a result, the jacket burned from sitting on the hot light for too long, and to rub salt in the wound, another member of SHINee reportedly asked him, “What kind of smell is that? Don’t you have to turn off your dryer or something?” to which Key humorously commented:

“But it wasn’t a dryer, it was my Gucci. And it burned.”

— SHINee’s Key

Watch Key tell his funny story in English here!