Here’s What SHINee’s Minho Appreciated Most After Completing Military Service

He had to wait years to do them again.

Months after being discharged from the military, SHINee‘s Minho revealed a couple of the things that made him appreciate returning back to his normal life.

| choiminho_1209/Instagram

Shortly after his discharge, GQ Korea asked the idol about the “minor things in life” that made him realize he was truly finished with his military service. There were two precious perks that came to mind.

The first was one that many people take for granted. Minho said, “The fact that I get to sleep past ten. That’s my favorite.

Minho’s second perk went hand in hand with the first. He said, “Also the fact that I can eat when I want to eat. I think those are the two best things.

Now that Minho has the freedom to do whatever he wants, it makes his freedom that much sweeter.

See Minho share two of the things he valued even more after following the strict routines of the military.