SHINee’s Minho Catches Taemin In A Lie, And Taemin Has The Most Adorable Reaction

Even when he’s lying, Taemin is adorable 🥰

Even when he gets caught in a lie, SHINee‘s Taemin can’t help being absolutely adorable!

SHINee’s Taemin | @pansymoons/Twitter

In the behind-the-scenes video from SHINee’s performance of “Don’t Call Me” for Studio Choom, Taemin explained what he liked about this particular performance.


He said he enjoyed watching Studio Choom performance videos, and he “really wanted to appear” in one.

Taemin said he especially liked how Minho‘s rap verse turned out during the performance. He liked that the lighting created a different mood for Minho’s verse.

Taemin also said the camera’s angle change for Minho’s verse looked cool.

After Taemin explained what he liked about the performance, Minho told him not to lie. As it turned out, the performance hadn’t even been filmed yet! Minho asked Taemin, “We didn’t film yet, but how would you say like that?” 

Taemin looked caught off guard that Minho called him out on his lie. He admitted that he lied and said, “Yes, I lied.”

Then, Taemin apologized and asked viewers to forgive him. As he asked for forgiveness, Taemin couldn’t stop adorably smiling and laughing.

How could we not forgive Taemin when he asked for forgiveness so sweetly?

Check out the full video below!