SHINee’s Minho Is Dropping His First Ever Solo After 11 Years In The Industry

Minho is the last SHINee member to release solo work:

Fans have been waiting for the last SHINee member to release his own solo work and after 11 years, Minho is finally dropping his first ever solo song this March!


SM Entertainment recently confirmed that Minho would be taking part in their third season of SM Station and will be releasing a brand new solo song, “I’m Home” on March 28. This new release will be Minho’s first solo song since SHINee debuted in 2008. Minho will be the last SHINee member to release solo work, after Taemin, Jonghyun, Key, and Onew‘s own solo releases.


Minho’s new song has already promised to show fans a completely different side of him. And although no one knows what kind of music Minho will be focusing on in this release, Shawols are already incredibly excited for it!


The song may also serve as a special gift to fans before his military enlistment which will reportedly be happening sometime in April. In the meantime, Miho will be holding the encore of his fan meeting The Best Choi’s Minho on March 30.


Congratulations Minho! We can’t wait for this release!