SHINee’s Minho Changes Up His Eyebrows And Gives Off A More Soft And Youthful Look

Which one looks better?

For celebrities, their visuals are an important part of their job, as they are always seen in the public eye. For some celebrities, it could be just a tweak of the make-up or hair to transform them into a totally different person.

For SHINee’s Minho, fans noticed that a slight change in his eyebrows gave him a a new look that was much softer than before.

Let’s first take a look at some of his eyebrows before!

You can see that he has a lot of eyebrow hair that has a defined arch.

This arched look gave him a more fierce and charismatic look to his visuals.

| @lokijup/Twitter

You can see from his profile how defined the ends of his brows are.


Now taking a look at his new eyebrows for the groups’ comeback, you can see that the arch has been shaved down for a more smooth look.

Although still fierce, it gives it a different edge to his face.

Now lets take a look at his eyebrows before and after with the same silver hair color.


| Cine 21 magazine cover


Although slight, the difference is very clear!

But we all know that regardless of this subtle change his visuals will always remain superior!

| theqoo

What are your thoughts on his eyebrow change? Which do you prefer on Minho?

Netizens that saw the post were divided in their opinions about his eyebrows.

  • “His before looks like an actor and his after looks more like an idol.”
  • “He looks good even after changing his eyebrows!”
  • “Personally I think his eyebrows before were much better.”
  • “I don’t know about you but I like any look on him.”
Source: theqoo
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