SHINee’s Minho Reveals How He Really Felt When Taemin Enlisted, And It Has Us Soft

It’s enough to melt our hearts 🥺 🥺

At the end of May, SHINee‘s Taemin enlisted in the military. As with many K-Pop idols, he was taken to the base for training by his members OnewMinho, and Key

The SHINee members with Taemin before he enlisted | @bumkeyk/ Instagram

In a recent video for GQ Korea, Minho sat down and ate some food while answering questions about what he likes to eat, the kind of sports he likes to play, and his favorite body part.

During the video, Minho explained how crazy the last few months had been for the group. After three members returned from the army, the group released an album and performed a concert, and then Taemin enlisted.

The host then asked Minho if the members had gone with Taemin when he enlisted. Although Minho explained that they did, but he didn’t cry, he added that something felt different about sending Taemin off compared to when he went in 2019.

I didn’t cry, but something touched me. I think it was the most different feeling when someone else went to the army.

— Minho

Like most older brothers, Minho was concerned and worried when Taemin enlisted, and there was something that touched him a lot, which made him feel a mix of emotions. Feeling like this, he recalled what he said to Taemin before he left.

Something really touched me. ‘You might get hurt trying hard, so please stay healthy and safe.’ I told him this the most.


It is always heartwarming to see how close idols are, and there is no denying that the SHINee members are just like brothers. Hopefully, time flies and, before they know it, Taemin will be back, and the group can perform together again! You can watch the whole video below.


Source: GQ Korea and FI


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