SHINee’s Minho Reveals Why He’s Afraid To Take The MBTI Test

Here’s why he won’t be taking it any time soon.

After completing his military service months ago, SHINee‘s Minho jumped right into his acting with an appearance on Lovestruck In The City—on top of preparing for their upcoming group comeback.

To celebrate his discharge, he sat down with GQ KOREA, where he revealed why he’d stayed away from taking the popular MBTI test.


In his interview centered around TMI questions, they asked Minho what his MBTI was.

While many people have taken it once or twice, he was the complete opposite. Minho said, “Actually, I’ve never done the MBTI test.

Due to how popular it’s become, it has Minho “getting a little bit curious” about taking the test to find out for himself.

There turned out to be an understandable reason why he had been avoiding taking it, though.

Minho didn’t want to get boxed in by the result—consciously or unconsciously applying it in ways that would stop him from reaching his full potential.

Each type is so well-defined and has its own character. So when I do the MBTI test, I’m afraid I’m limiting myself to that character. That’s why I’ve been reluctant to try that test.

— Minho

Minho made an important point. In the same way that some people use their blood types and zodiac signs to determine how they should act, an MBTI result could hold the same influence.

Watch Minho share the intelligent reason why he won’t be taking the MBTI test any time soon.