SHINee’s Minho Was Reunited With Yoogeun From “Hello Baby” — Here’s How He Reacted

It’s been more than a decade since SHINee’s “Hello Baby” aired!

In preparation for their long-awaited comeback, Girls’ Generation are currently starring in their own reality show, Soshi Tamtam.

Soshi Tamtam poster

In the newest episode Soshi Tamtam, Girls’ Generation met with a surprise guest, who turned out to be their “son” Cho Kyung San from their appearance on Hello BabyHello Baby, was a reality show that featured groups taking care of an infant over the course of a couple of days. Kyung San appeared with two other teenagers and the group had to guess which was actually him!

After guessing which of the three teenagers was their “son”, the other two introduced themselves, with the first revealing that he is Jung Yoogeun, the infant that SHINee cared for during the second season of the show!

Yoogeun is currently working as an actor and previously starred as the child version of the male lead in the TVING K-Drama I Have Not Done My Best in addition to other roles over the years.  Fans enjoyed seeing SHINee as fathers to the adorable 4-year-old and over the years have watched him grow up!

Yoogeun (left) in I Have Not Done My Best. | TVING

After finding out who Yoogeun is, Sooyoung calls SHINee’s Minho saying that there’s someone they want him to meet because they look so similar.

Yoogeun then says hello and almost immediately it seems as though Minho cannot believe what he is seeing. When Yoogeun asks if he remembers him, Minho says “Isn’t that Yoogeun-ie?” in a surprised tone.

After Yoogeun explains why he is with Girls’ Generation, Minho asks “Why does your voice sound like this?” to which Yoogeun responds that he is going through puberty. Minho hilariously seems to have an existential crisis as the last time he saw Yoogeun he was much younger and Yoogeun is now 15-years old!

Minho and Yoogeun shared a special bond throughout the season of Hello Baby, with Minho impressing fans with the way he naturally fell into a fatherly role. Hello Baby ran for seven seasons and featured groups attempting to win over their child while continuing all the activities involved with being a K-Pop idol.

You can watch the adorable full reunion below: