SHINee’s Minho Explains Why He Has Been Changing His Hair Color So Frequently

He looks great in every hair color he tries!

The lovely members of SHINee recently sat down for a fun interview with Allure Korea!

During their interview, Minho received a question that asked about his frequent hair color transformations! For one, Minho showed off his fierce red hair for their comeback “Don’t Call Me” and currently has bright white/blonde hair!

| @choiminho_120/Instagram

Q: Ever since Minho’s debut, your hair color seems to be changing the fastest these days. Is the health of your scalp okay? Is there any another hairstyle that you would like to try?

Yes, I have been dying my hair with the most outrageous and various colors since my debut. Keeping in mind that I wouldn’t be able to do this after some time in the future, I tried various things.

— Minho

As for whether he has a particular hair color in mind that he wants to try next, Minho claimed he didn’t have a specific color he wants to try at the moment.

I don’t have any particular color that I want to try. So if my fans give me any ideas, I will see and try those colors.

— Minho

Minho concluded his answer and assured the viewers that his scalp is indeed healthy despite the frequent hair coloring he has been doing.

Furthermore, my scalp is very healthy so don’t worry about it!

— Minho

Check out the video below: