SHINee’s Minho Details How He Was Aggressively Scouted By SM Entertainment—And Why He Thought It Was A Scam

His mom wasn’t having it!

In a recent episode of “Showterview with Jessi,” SHINee‘s Minho revealed the full story of how he got scouted by SM Entertainment. Hilariously, he and his mom initially thought it was a scam!

He explained how it all started in a ski resort, of all places. Out of nowhere, three complete strangers started chasing after him and his brother.

I was eating tteokbokki in a ski resort. While eating tteokbokki, three ladies were chasing after me and my brother, so we kept avoiding them. I kept avoiding them, but they ended up giving me a business card.

— Minho

After successfully handing Minho their business card, they explained how they were from SM Entertainment. “We’re from SM Entertainment. If you’re willing to apply for an audition, please contact us.”

Because Minho didn’t own a phone yet, he gave them his telephone number instead when they asked for a way to contact him again.

And they kept asking for my phone number. I didn’t have a cell phone back then, so I gave my home’s telephone number instead.

— Minho

Seeing all of the warning signs, his mom was positive it was a scam—so much so that she even ripped the business card to shreds!

That was back when tons of street-casting scams happened. As soon as my mom received the business card, she told me it was a scam. And that event happened in a ski resort. It didn’t make any sense! And she ripped it! Right in front of me.

— Minho

Thankfully, SM Entertainment knew that Minho was a rare catch and decided not to lose hold of him. They continued to contact him and even found his school and visited him there. Their efforts weren’t in vain because his mom saw their sincerity and ultimately allowed Minho to audition!

But after then, they kept calling my place. Somehow, they managed to find my school, and they kept coming there. Eventually, that led to my mom opening her heart to the company’s sincerity and efforts.

— Minho

Luckily for fans, Minho successfully passed the audition and debuted in SHINee…and the rest is history!

Don’t miss out on the full episode below:

Source: Mobidic