SHINee’s Minho Teared Up Reading TVXQ’s Changmin’s Touching Letter—It Has A Hilarious Twist

The twist is unexpected and too funny!

On a recent episode of Problem Child In The House, SHINee‘s Minho made a special appearance where he shared the touching, yet funny story of TVXQ‘s Changmin and the letter he sent while Minho was completing his military duties.


During the episode, one of the main hosts Song Eun Yi asked Minho, “Changmin checked on you during your time there?” Minho shared that Changmin contacted him “All the time” and that “He was worried about him.” Their friendship is so sweet!

Minho pointed out a specific moment where he was especially touched by Changmin. During his time in boot camp, Minho explained they were only allowed to receive one internet letter a day. The first letter to arrive would be the only one Minho could open.

This was really touching. This was when I was in boot camp. You can’t use your phone in boot camp. You can get internet letters instead. But for us, we could only get one a day. Just the first one. By order of arrival.

— Minho

Minho continued and shared that he shockingly received a letter from Changmin. This means that Changmin’s letter beat Minho’s several fans that sent in their letters.

So right at midnight was when my fans wrote to me. So I went to check my mail and see who wrote to me. ‘Minho it’s Changmin.’ His internet letter managed to get through as the first one. He was really dedicated. He couldn’t get through to me the first few times so he waited until midnight to write me, and it worked.

— Minho

Of course, Minho was touched by Changmin’s efforts and shared the sweet contents of the letter. Minho shared that what Changmin wrote made him emotional.

So when I saw that the internet letter from Changmin I was so touched. ‘I hope you’re not sick. Stay healthy. I told you it was going to be tough in there. How’s it going?’ I teared up. I got chocked up. ‘My gosh’…I was like that.

— Minho

Though Changmin’s letter sounded like nothing but sweet and touching words, Minho revealed the letter made him turn from “Chocked up” to a bit on the angrier side. The reason is hilarious.

Changmin and I share a lot of the same hobbies. We love watching soccer games and movies. And when I enlisted, it was when ‘Avengers: Endgame’ had come out. It really got to me that I couldn’t watch it. So I was reading Changmin’s letter…’I watched “Avengers: Endgame” yesterday.’ He spoiled the entier movie for me.

— Minho

Poor Minho shared that he was “So angry” and to be honest, who wouldn’t be. Though it was quite hilarious, Minho expressed his anger at that moment.

I was so angry! He spoiled everyhing in that short letter. He summarized the entire movie in two sentences. And I had been waiting to see that movie. That immediately stopped my tears.

— Minho

Despite his frustration, Minho stated that he couldn’t stay upset for long because of Changmin’s determination to stay up till midnight and send him a letter.

But the fact that he waited until midnight…just to write to me…I was truly touched by Chagmin’s dedication.

— Minho

Their friendship is truly precious and the story certainly did have an unexpected twist.

Check out the video below: