SHINee’s Taemin Fell For Minho’s Trickery Once Again And It’s Just Too Cute

Taemin will always be our adorable maknae!

In a recent broadcast of MBC’s Music Core, SHINee’s Minho appeared as a special MC for the show. As the show came to an end, Minho whispered to Taemin that they did not win this week’s trophy.

But as they announced the winners, they realized that they had been tricked by Minho!

Taemin’s expressions are priceless as he sees the points go up for SHINee.


When asked to hear a few words for their win, Taemin couldn’t help but reveal how they were tricked by Minho.

Minho hyung whispered to me earlier that we didn’t win this time. He lied to me! I’ve been tricked.

— Taemin

And during their encore performance, his hyungs couldn’t help play around with Taemin even more!

From Key putting in adlibs at the end of every line…

…to Minho complimenting Taemin’s vocals as he’s singing…

…these members just love to fool around with one another!

Congrats to SHINee for another win!

Source: theqoo


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