SHINee Minho Became A Producer For The Lee Siblings

Soo Ah, Seol Ah and Daebak had SHINee‘s Minho record and produce a track with them at SM Entertainment!

The triplets shared a fun day at SM Entertainment when they got to meet and hang out with Minho for the day. The 180th episode of The Return of Superman was recorded on April 30 on KBS TV2.

Minho, who was already a fan of the siblings, invited them to come and visit SM Entertainment!

Soo Ah, Seol Ah, and Daebak even got to meet other SM stars like the members of Red Velvet, even learning part of the choreography to the hit song “Rookie”!

Minho planned their day of fun with games, food, and their own recording session! The triplets became their own recording artists for the day, and Minho helped produce the track!

Minho was delighted to have the chance to finally meet the Lee siblings. He brought out his own energy to play with the hyper trio.

Check out Minho hanging with Soo Ah, Seol Ah, and Daebak below!