SHINee Was Once Taemin’s Ultimate Fanboys In His First Concert

Minho was starstruck.

No one loves SHINee more than the members themselves.


The bond between them is unquestionably real, and this was proven when Taemin performed his first solo concert Off Sick.


Held on October 14 and 15, 2017 in the Jamsil Stadium, this was Taemin’s first time headlining a show on his own in Korea.


Sitting down in a VIP section and calmly watching the show wasn’t enough for Jonghyun, Minho, and Onew who couldn’t contain their excitement.


Jonghyun made sure to shout just as loud as the fans surrounding him, screaming compliments about Taemin’s charisma.

You’re so cool!

– Jonghyun


Minho also looked absolutely starry eyed.


AND excited like nothing before.



Onew even wore a concert headband and screamed his lungs out.


Years later, fans still remember the event and brotherly bond between the members.


They were genuinely fanboying over Taemin.


Taemin later repaid the favor, such as when he visited his members in their own concerts.


SHINee is always each other’s number one fan!