Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Wants SHINee’s Onew To Use Selfie Apps

She left a comment on his latest Instagram picture.

SHINee‘s Onew took to Instagram with a recent selfie, and he received a comment from Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon who told him to ask Key for some help.

The excited leader captioned his picture by expressing how enjoyable the 7th round of activities promoting SHINee’s latest album has been.

Fans may have noticed his sweet smile as he gazes into the camera, but Taeyeon seems to have instead noticed the quality of the selfie and offered some helpful advice.

She suggested that he ask fellow member Key (whose real name is Kibum) for selfie apps. Key, who is known for being active on social media, is sure to always show fans the best side of himself by using filters and good angles.

In spite of its potential for improvement, fans enjoyed Onew’s update, as well as the cute interaction between him and Taeyeon.

Source: Instagram


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