SHINee’s Onew Once Saw A Ghost That Looked Like Minho—Here’s What Happened

This is terrifying 😨

SHINee‘s dorms were once haunted by a ghost that looked like Minho, according to Onew!

SHINee’s Minho (left) and Onew (right) | @freaKey_MVP/Twitter

Onew told the story of his ghost encounter on the radio. He said he and Minho had both gone home to the dorms to shower quickly.

| yyshinspirit/YouTube

After his shower, Onew realized he didn’t have a towel to dry off with, and he asked Minho to bring him one.

Onew saw someone come out of another room and thought it was Minho.

Although he thought he saw Minho, Onew said Minho still hadn’t come in with a towel after approximately 2 minutes. He thought that was strange, so he called out to Minho again.

After he called out to Minho again, Onew saw someone walk through the kitchen and living room toward the laundry room. He didn’t think anything of it because “there’s no towel in the living room,” so Minho would have had to find one in the laundry room.

The person who Onew thought was Minho eventually handed him a towel. Later, he called out to Minho once again, and he was shocked when he realized that “Minho came out of his room” when he called his name.

Minho asked, “Hyung, are you calling me?”

By this point, Onew was really freaked out because he thought Minho had given him a towel. He asked Minho if he’d gone to the laundry room to grab a towel for him.

Minho said no. He had been showering at the same time as Onew, so he hadn’t heard Onew ask him for a towel.

Since Onew and Minho were the only people in the dorm at the time, Onew was very scared when Minho revealed he hadn’t been the one to bring him the towel.

See Onew tell the terrifying story below.