SHINee’s Onew Trends On Twitter Just For His Hair

We need to know, Onew!

Shawols always had an easy time trending certain topics and hashtags for the boys, but a recent one has some non-Shawols confused. “Jinki” was trending earlier today… why? For the sole reason that SHINee‘s Onew teased fans by saying he dyed his hair.

Supposedly he later changed the message next to his name to “경축 이진기 염색” which roughly translates to “Celebrating Lee Jinki’s Hair Dyeing”. Fans freaked out because Onew is notorious for never dyeing his hair, often not even styling it differently.

He said he would send a picture to Shawols, but still hasn’t several hours later. So, fans are taking it into their own hands.

Regardless, Shawols are tired of his usual antics. Show us the hair Onew!