SHINee Reveals Which Past Title Tracks They Wish They Could Promote In 2021

They’d give these songs a 2021 makeover.

Since SHINee expressed their joy in gaining new fans following their “Don’t Call Me” promotions, the group shared which of their past title tracks they wouldn’t mind promoting once more—as if they were new.

| @SHINee/Twitter

With Brave Girls recently going viral with their song “Rollin'” four years after its release and winning music shows, Allure Korea asked SHINee a timely question when wondering if there was a past title track they wish they could promote again—in 2021. Here’s what the members had to say.

Minho took it all the way back to the time of their debut. He thought their follow-up to “Replay” would be just as refreshing now. He said, “‘Love Like Oxygen’ was released in 2008, and for some reason, I think it would still be a cool song to be released in 2021.

Key chose their experimental hit, “‘Sherlock’! I would love to do it again.” He said, “It would be great to do it just like how we did for ‘Don’t Call Me’.” He wasn’t the only one who thought so.

Onew also wanted to promote the track again and spend the time on “Sherlock” it deserved—while having some fun along the way.

The [promotion] period for ‘Sherlock’ was short. Our album [promotions] normally goes on for one to two months, but ‘Sherlock’ was a bit short. I had good fun during ‘Sherlock’.

— Onew

Like Key and Onew, Taemin would enjoy performing their dual-track. Still, he wanted to give their debut song another try. He said, “I like ‘Sherlock’, and I would also like to try ‘Replay’ again,” before sharing the regrets he could now turn into positives.

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