SHINee Reveal How They Would Become Friends With Idol Groups During Comebacks

It was an easier time!

SHINee was back with host JaeJae on an episode of MMTG, and the group had a look at some of the tracks they thought were hidden gems!

Key suggested “Sherlock (Clue+Note)” because he explained that the group didn’t have the chance to perform it on music shows for as long as they wanted.

He added that the group was cocky because they performed an entire album for just one month. They were promoting while traveling for a Japan tour which meant they were very busy.

Minho explained that they made sure to become close to some of the other groups when they made their next comeback.

During this time, groups like 2PM and HIGHLIGHT were on the music shows, and Key joked that they did everything to try and get close to them.

We would run into them and be like, ‘Are you doing that show tomorrow too?’

— Key

Onew even shared that they would go into each other’s dressing rooms, play games, and hang out! There was even more TMI when Key revealed that one of their go-to games was Monopoly and how different times are now.

That’s what was fun, but it’s not like that anymore.

— Key

With social distancing restrictions, idols have been unable to mix with others. Hopefully, they will soon be able to hang out more and make some friends playing board games as SHINee did.

Make sure to watch the full episode for more funny stories!

Source: FI