SHINee Reveals Their Thoughts On The First Comeback Since 2018

It’s been three years but they’re strong as ever!

After the release of Don’t Call Me, SHINee has revealed what they think has changed since the last time they released an album in 2018!

Speaking to Forbes, the members explained how happy they felt to be back together as a group recording, rehearsing, and doing interviews.

Leader ONEW said how excited he was but also the high expectations they have of themselves. Taemin repeated this adding, “I think we’re able to emit this synergy—it’s a synergy that doesn’t happen in our individual activities.”

Looking back to 2018, the group also discussed the changes and surprises they have noticed since returning to work.

As Taemin was the only member who has been actively performing whilst his members were in the army, Minho pointed out that he thought the changes lay in their maknae. He said, “I was kind of surprised to see how well he was keeping up with the trends and all that.”

Taemin joked that, despite their grumblings, he was surprised at how well the other members kept up and that he was “really” satisfied with the result of choreography.

It’s just great to see they’re all still on top of it in terms of their physical condition and their ability to keep up with trends. I’ve been hearing a lot of comments from other artists and friends saying they all are so much more handsome and got so much cooler.

— SHINee’s Taemin

Even though it is the first album the band has released together in almost three years, fans have been going crazy! The music video for “Don’t Call Me” has been watched over 12 million times!

Source: Forbes