SHINee Reveals The Connection Between “Replay”, “Love Sick”, and “Marry You”— And Now We’re Soft

The storyline is so sweet!

On MMTG with host JaeJae, SHINee discussed why their old song “Replay” from 2008 deserves a new comeback, and the hidden connection it holds with their other songs.

| 문명특급 – MMTG/YouTube

SHINee revealed that the lyrics of “Replay” are connected to two of their other songs: “Love Sick” from 2015 and “Marry You” from this year.

“Replay” is about telling a girl she’s pretty, “Love Sick” is about confessing to that girl, while “Marry You” is about proposing.

Even the choreography between “Replay” and “Love Sick” are connected!

JaeJae and the members deliberated on what could be the next step in this story, and we’re curious as well.

The fact that these songs are interconnected give it an even more romantic and intimate feel!

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