SHINee Reveals How Their Differences Make Them Stronger

Each member is unique!

After releasing their first album in three years, SHINee looked back at their time as idols from their debut back in 2008.

In an interview with Dazed, the group looked at each member’s unique colors and how this was a key part of the band’s success!

Taemin explained that all the members work hard for their individual dreams and goals, adding that this was vital in building their own identities within the group as individuals.

When we come together as SHINee, that magnifies even more, expressing SHINee as a group.

— Taemin

Key then joked how the members’ different identities sometimes “Annoyed the hell” out of him but how it was all about being receptive to each other. 

He then emphasized that each member’s unique experiences were also vital in the dynamic of the group.

When we were together, we realized that the members were all helping each other. If I was lacking in something, another member would fill in that hole for me.

— Key

Leader Onew added that it was because of the differences that the chemistry and teamwork in SHINee were so strong!

The group also looked back at their careers from the moment their debut single “Replay” changed their lives, propelling them to fame almost overnight. Over the years, SHINee has pushed boundaries giving them a reputation as one of K-Pop’s “most inventive” groups.

Even with all of their achievements, the members have remained humble. They explained how they want to continue releasing music and growing as artists.

The music video for their new single “Don’t Call Me” has been watched 15 million times. More than ten years after their debut, SHINee is still showing that they are popular as ever.

Source: Dazed